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Module Information
Viewing contents of wx-0.5/Changelog


0.5.0: 2005/07/10
* Non-integer constants support. wx.DefaultPosition,wx.DefaultSize and wx.DefaultValidator are defined now.
* Binding Generator: FIX: Generation of return value for virtual methods C++ thunks.
* Binding Generator: FIX: No more checking of argument number when no arguments required.
* Binding Generator: FIX: Redundant definition and undefinition of macro push_method fixed.
* Binding Generator: FIX: Set module init/exit and class exit callbacks as extern "C". (I don't know how it worked).
* Support for multiple versions, via a simple preprocessor. Besides old 2.4.2, now compiles with wxGTK 2.6.1. There is some support for wxX11 also, but I didn't tried it with 2.6.1 but with 2.5.x, and while 2.5.x releases compiles cleanly, crashed each time with no reason in my limited understanding of wxWidgets inner working.
* API: No more global functions, those are module functions now.
* API: implement_app (besides being wx.implement_app now) doesn't take an object but a program now, just as C++ wxWidget does; this is because wxWidgets doesn't expect an instance of wxApp before the framework startup, and crash in 2.5.x.

0.4.0: 2005/02/14
* Using of wxWidgets RTTI to wrap properly the wxEvent object passed to the callback, so data for each type of event can be accessed now.
* Using of wxWidgets RTTI to wrap properly object in function returns.
* As a consequence of above, Makefile now install the module in the Pike tree. This is needed because currently the only way that Pikes provides to get a program from its name on the fly only works with classes for installed modules.
* Some more wrappings.

0.3.0: 2005/01/24
* MM fixes, and Makefile enhancements, thanks to Henrik Grubbström.
* Binding Generator: FIX: No more checking of argument number when no arguments required.
* MM fixes in inheritance management.
* A few more classes/methods wrappings implemented.
* A nicer README, a Completion list, this Changelog, and TODO.

0.2.0: 2005/01/15
* More complete INSTALL, and a README with some extra comments.
* Proper memory management features in the generator and declarations.

0.1.3: 2005/01/13
* First public release.
* Only a few incomplete class declarations included.
* Function wrapping works with basic types, strings and objects, default values supported for trailing arguments.
* Framework bootstrapping.
* Event management.
* Integer constants.
* The simple hworld.pike example, translated from original C++ hworld2.txt.

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