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Public.Parser.XML2 1.50
Public.ZeroMQ 1.1
Public.Template.Mustache 1.0
Public.Protocols.XMPP 1.4
Sql.Provider.jdbc 1.0

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Module Information
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Version History

Version 1.50
- Fixes for newer versions of libxml
- Fixes for Pike 8.1

Version 1.46
- Fixes for Pike 8.0

Version 1.44
- Fixes for installations without libxslt.
- Fix segfault on certain platforms caused by differences in variable

Version 1.42
- Add XML2.get_xml_parser_options() and get_html_parser_options().
- Fix some memory leaks in various Node methods.
- Strengthened bounds checking on parse_xml().

Version 1.40
- XMLReader is actually usable now that we manage memory properly
- fixes for stack overflow when using SAX to parse large xml documents
- fix for nsstartelement attribute contents overrunning
- added "end" attribute to nsstartelement attribute data
- fix for character callback receiving too much data
- configure fix for libxmls that don't have xmlTextReaderIsNamespaceDecl 
  or xmlNewDocPI
- fix for Node()->children()->delete() segfaults
- better checks on Node destruction to prevent segfaults

Version 1.38
- added Public.Parser.XML2.silent as a flag to turn off error and warning
  output (stopgap until we figure out a better system, really)
- more verification of get_ns_attributes(), seems to be working properly
- added XMLReader()->set_autoencode(), to toggle auto-encoding of input 

Version 1.36
- added Stylesheet()->media_type()
- added Stylesheet()->output_type()
- get_ns_attributes() uses the namespace URI, and works properly now
- CHANGE: set_ns_attributes() is now a 3 argument variant of 
    set_attributes(), and uses the namespace URI rather than prefix now.
- CHANGE: set_ns() uses the namespace URI rather than the prefix
- added Node()->_refs(), Node()->is_unlinked and Node()->is_transient(),
  mostly useful for debugging purposes, but may have other purposes :)

Version 1.34
- fixed a bunch of segfaults when passing Node objects to a Stylesheet.
- XSLT docloader functions are local to the Stylesheet object, rather
    than global, as they were before.
- parse_xslt() is back (we don't know where it went).
- should compile on systems without strlcpy().
- minor doc fixes
- beginning of a testsuite to help ensure quality.

Version 1.32
- Added new_node() for getting a new unlinked XML node
- select_xpath_nodes() will evaluate relative to the node passed, making 
    expressions that involve node axes (parent, child, etc) work properly.
- Fixed a segmentation fault which occasionally occurred while using 
- Documentation fixes

Version 1.28
- Checks for some (presumably) late additions to XMLReader

Version 1.26
- Added validation using DTDs

Version 1.24
- Added RelaxNG validation (basic)

Version 1.22
- Node and XMLReader objects automatically encode input to UTF-8 and 
output from UTF-8 to Pike's internal string representation when wide 
strings are in use.
- Added set_auto_utf8_convert() to turn off auto conversion of strings.

Version 1.20
- Added new functions for Node objects:
    replace(), unlink(), delete(), copy(), copy_list(), set_base, 
    set_lang, add_content(), new_text_child() and a namespace aware
    version of new_child()
- Some memory optimizations for freeing unlinked nodes upon object
- Fixed some documentation

Version 1.18
- All parsers now accept encoding parameters
- Methods for querying encoding/decoding methods
- Better error messages

Version 1.16
- XMLReader interface complete
- Added a few more Node methods

Version 1.14
- Added HTML parser
- Added XML and HTML parser options
- Fixed compile problems with some versions of libxml2
- Added XMLReader interface, missing a lot of methods currently
- Added Doc loader support for XSLT Stylesheet objects

Version 1.12
- Added XSLT suppport via libxslt.
- Split module into components for easier development.

Version 1.9
- Fixed bug that hid get_node_type()
- Fixed a bunch of segfault causing bugs
- clarification: get_ns() gives the namespace that is defined at the node; 
    get_nss()["_default"] gives the namespace that's not given a prefix.

Version 1.8
- Added SAX v2 parser
- SAX parser supports namespaces
- More documentation

Version 1.3

- Added set_node_name()
- Added add_ns() and set_ns()
- Added get_root_node() and set_root_node()
- Added select_xpath_nodes() to allow selection of nodes based on an XPath 
- Added support for creation of PI nodes
- Added support for setting and deletion of attributes
- More documentation

Version 1.2

- Support for creation of certain types of nodes
- Support for adding children and siblings
- Support for creating new documents
- Support for output of document to XML 
- More documentation
- More constants
- Testing clocks this module as 500% faster than Parser.XML.NSTree


- Incomplete Namespace support
- No support for adding attributes to nodes. 
- Not all types of node can be created. 
- No support for deleting or copying nodes.

Version 1.1

Support for getting namespace information from nodes.
Support for dumping a node to XML.
Support for more node operations, such as getting language.
Constants have been shortened and moved into their own class.
Approximately 30% of methods have documentation now.

Version 1.0 

This is the first release of the Public.Parser.XML2 module.
There are very rudimentary parsing and tree navigation methods.
Currently, the tree is static once parsed.

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