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Public.Parser.XML2 1.50
Public.ZeroMQ 1.1
Public.Template.Mustache 1.0
Public.Protocols.XMPP 1.4
Sql.Provider.jdbc 1.0

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Public.Parser.JSON2 1.0
Public.Parser.JSON 0.2
GTK2 2.23
Public.Web.FCGI 1.8
Public.Parser.XML2 1.48

Welcome to the Pike Module Repository!

Browse the available modules using the module browser to the left.

New at modules.gotpike.org

  • The SampleModule code provides a good starting point, and includes some Makefile support for integrating with modules.gotpike.org when you release a new module version.

  • Documentation for creating PMAR (Pike Module ARchive) files for distribution of prepared modules is now available.

  • Every module has quick access to Wiki! We've created a space at the GotPike Wiki, and have placed a link to that location on each module information page. Now it's easy to share module tips and ideas with others!

  • Initial addition of Monger Developer Tools documentation.

  • An RSS feed for recently updated modules is now available! Simply click on the XML button at the bottom of the main page for the feed.

  • Module documentation is now available for all new module versions.

  • Introduction to using Monger now available.

    This document describes the Pike module manager.

  • Preliminary Pike module build documentation is available here.

    This document describes the Pike module build system as well as the requirements for submitting modules to the Pike Module Repository.


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