An Introduction to Monger Developer Tools

Developer tools were introduced with the first unbundled version of monger, found in the Tools.Monger module, version 7.6.28.

The first release offers significant new functionality for developer types, in that it allows a certain amount of change functionality when working with the remote module repository. In fact, this functionality was used to create the new version of Tools.Monger and upload its source using Tools.Monger.MongerDeveloper. As of right now, you'll have to create a new module using the web interface.

Here's an example:

> object m = Tools.Monger.MongerDeveloper();
> m->set_auth("joedeveloper", "pikerulez");
(1) Result: 0
> m->add_new_version("Tools.Monger", "7.6.28", "This is the first
functional unbundled release of the Monger tool.\nThis version includes
developer functionality, such as version creation,\ndependency
functionality, and source upload.", "GPL/LGPL/MPL");
(2) Result: 1
> m->set_dependency("Tools.Monger", "7.6.28", "Pike", "7.6.0", "7.7.999", 
(3) Result: 1
> m->set_module_source("Tools.Monger", "7.6.28",
(2) Result: 1
> quit

To get the new release, use this command with any 7.6.6 or higher release of Pike:

pike -x monger --install Tools.Monger

You may need to remove your Tools.pmod/Standalone.pmod/monger.pike.o file if you get annoyed at the out of date warning messages.

Version 7.6.32 contains a simple script which will automate the creation of new module versions in the repository. This script can be used as a jumping off point for the creation of more sophisticated applications.