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This module provides an interface json-c (http://oss.metaparadigm.com/json-c/).

Module Authors

Johan Björklund

No Contributors yet.

Module Versions

Most Recent Version: 0.2 Selected Version: 0.2 added January 15, 2008.

API changes:
* "encode" and "decode" where where previously "serialize" and "parse"

Use Public.Parser.JSON.Wrapper for JSON-RPC.

Thoroughly tested with UTF8, works beautifully.

Depends on:

No dependencies defined.

Files in root directory:
JSON.cmod   README   configure.in   Makefile.in   module.pmod.in   .svn/   roxen_module/

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Other Versions
0.1 GPL 2006-01-16 00:35:41Select

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