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Contents of /Public_Parser_JSON2-1.0/CHANGES:

0.10 on 03.09.2009
	- fixed a bug that treated null as mapping values as invalid (reported by Philipp Hancke)
	- fixed a bug that parsed some escape sequences wrong (reported by Philipp Hancke)
0.9 on 16.06.2009
	- fixed a bug that could cause a return value
	  to be truncated on 64bit machines. This happened
	  only in case of mal-formatted json and could lead
	  to wrong error message
	- integer/float parsing now supports higher precision
	  types on architectures that support it (i.e. where
	  INT_TYPE/FLOAT_TYPE is bigger).
	- fixed a bug in the json rendering that did not error
	  when trying to encode strings with characters outside
	  of unicode. instead it produces malformed json.
	- working configure-checks for the availability of
0.8 on 02.10.2008
    - fixed a bug in the string escpape function
      that potentially produced wrong json. shame
      on me
0.7 on 25.9.2008
    - added parse_utf8()
    - added render_utf8()
    - rewrote the render-function inside the cmod
    - the parser is more strict about unicode now,
      hence its not possible to send anything but 
      unicode characters in strings.
0.6 on 22.2.2008
    - uses swscanf for number parsing in case sizeof(p_wchar2) == sizeof(wchar_t)
      instead of copying in to a char* and parsing using sscanf.
0.5 on 2.12.2007
    - fixed a memory leak in the number parsing.
0.4 on 21.05.2007
    - changed the array and mapping parser from using
      the pike stack to collect values (stupid me)
0.3 on 16.05.2007
    - parser wasnt strict enough
    - fixed some output formating
0.2 on 21.03.2007
    - added render()
    - added validate()
    - fixed some issues in number parsing
    - some more documentation
    - internal types for true, false and null
    - initial version

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